Next year to Budapest!

I’ll try to write something in English now. My english is very poor so Marti, check me all the mistakes! 😉 I’ll go to Budapest next year to do the final project of the career but only for the summer semester, from February to June. I’m very excited ( Aclaración: Excited= Ansioso, que no excitado) with that and I have found information about the city and the host university. I know is a beatiful big city and the Spanish is the second spoken language there, maybe because there are a lot of cuban people, but in fact, almost all the people speak hungarian, and is very difficult!! Only for saying Goodbye you have to say visontlatasra or something like this. But I’m not worried because I hope to use only the English for the university and the residence, and learn a few words in hungarian for the diary life. Apart of the language problems I have another problem, finding a place for sleep, but I think the host university will give us a room in a flat or residence of the university.

Only a few months and I will be there! Besides, I go with a girl from the same class so much better. I hope to have a great time and meet a lot of people from a lot of countries. I love erasmus!! 🙂


P.D. Tras esta txapa en mi pseudo-ingles, hago un llamamiento a todo el mundo q haya estado de erasmus, o vaya estar, o conozca Budapest o Hungria, o a cualquiera vamos, que me de algun consejillo o inpresión. El mejor q me han dado hasta ahora es q lo disfrute. Me parece un buen consejo. Aio!



  1. I was really surprised to find out you actually wrote your diary in English. It definitely sounds like you tried hard so I decided this deserved to be written a comment.
    Well… I’ve never been to Budapest or Hungary at all, but I’d totally love to go there sometime.
    Hopefully I’ll get to visit you (Xolomo) there next year and see this wonderful city in Eastern Europe.
    Like I said, I’ve never been to this place. Besides this point, I am not one of those lucky people who can say they once were, or they currently are an Erasmus Student. But I consider myself to be a world traveler and a world citizen, born in Spain – Basque country for some- and hosted in the USA. As a traveler, I think the best thing anyone can do is trying to get involved in the local culture as much as possible. Leave aside differences with your native culture as well as your logical embarrassment. Try to get involved in local people’s everyday life, doing whatever things they do. Sometimes it’ll be hard and you won’t feel like trying new things out, but don’t be ashamed of doing it, cause that’s definitely the best way to live in a foreign country when you are the one alien yourself. But, at the same time, never forget where you come from.
    I hope you get to read this when you’re in Hungary next year and you are feeling homesick and lonely in the outer world. Hopefully these words will cheer you up a little bit and make you feel more like at home, whatever “home” is supposed to mean and wherever it is supposed to be at.
    I am sure that this once in a lifetime experience called Erasmus is about to change the way you look at life and friendship, and it’s going to bring it to a much greater level of understanding what it’s all about.
    Last, but not least, I hope that you find that special person who rocks your world next year.

    Good Look for the future buddy!!!

    See you another time another place.

  2. Thanks for the advices. I’m absolutely agree with you. When you go abroad you have to get involved in the local culture. I thinks there are some Erasmus students who only talk with the students of their same country, living as they do when they’re at home. Maybe is easier but you have to change when you travel because your home change too and the culture there will be different. Be sure I’ll read your words again when I’m in Hungary. I would like to know more about you. Do you have a blog? Thanks again for writing here.

  3. Vaya con el Mr. Anonimo!

    Enjoy your last days in the States and I hope you’ll visit me next year in Budapest. You really impress me writting in English but you’re wrong in one thing: Is not “Spain, Basque country for some” as you said. Is Basque country, Spain for some, juasjuasjuas.

    See you soon!


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